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The Bards

The Bards --Paul Skalet, Dave Dybdahl, and Phil Dybdahl-- will present a program at the Crossroads Coffeehouse in Cross Plains on Friday evening, Decemaber 10, 2010. Their program will include a number of folk tunes as well as a few old standards.

The original Bards consisted of Paul Skalet, Bill Brunner, and Phil Dybdahl. The three of them sang in two different Barbershop Quartettes: one included Fred Aeschliman, the other John Haragen. These groups were together during high school days at Black Earth High School.

In the later 1950s the Kingston Trio took the country by storm, joined by a number of folk groups such as the Limelighters, Christy Minstral Singers, and the Brothers Four. Paul picked up a banjo, Bill a bass fiddle, and Phil a guitar and learned most of the Kingston Trio repertoire and performed extensively throughout the area. They never produced a hit, but they sang most of the Struck and Irwin commercials for nearly 10 years.

In 1963 they had a live TV show, one show a week for 6 weeks. Midland Cooperative was their sponser. All three were terrified. Make a mistake on live TV, and you can't erase it and do it over.

Bill Brunner retired from the Bards about 15 years ago and moved to Arizona. Dave Dybdahl said he would give it a try, so he's now the new Bard.

Proceeds from the show go to the Mazo Food Pantry.

Showtim: 7 pm, Friday, December 10, 2010.

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