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"It's All About Trees"

An exhibit celebrating the Wonder of Trees
Photo artwork by Sharon Auberle
Poetry by Alice D'Alessio
March 15 to April 17, 2012

Red Barns  cityscape  view of fields  Trees


Sat. March 31, 2012.   3-5 pm.

Please join us at Crossroads for poetry reading and art exhibit reception.  Meet the poet and artist, listen to readings, study the artworks, enjoy conversation with friends and neighbors, and sample our complementary elegant snacks, coffee, and other beverages.


About the Photo Art

I have been in love with trees for as long as I can remember, beginning with a crooked, gnarly, old apple tree in my grandma's back yard that I loved as a child. Against her warnings that I might fall on my head, I would climb the tree and settle myself in a branch with a book, or with just my daydreaming, till she would call me in. From that beginning, I went on to photograph the trees of my travels—from the giant redwoods of the west coast to Death Valley's curious Joshua trees; the aspen and Ponderosa pines of my years in the Southwest; even the stately saguaros of the desert held a facination for me and, finally, back to the Midwestern trees of my youth.

With the advent of digital magic, I began playing with some of th photos, altering them in unusual ways that seemed to speak from the spirit of the tree. Represented here is a small portion of my ongoing tree series. All of the pieces begin with my original photo, and some remain unaltered. Others undergo many steps in the creative process. They are printed on acid-free canvas, with archival inks and then mounted on acrylic painted canvas.

When I first read Alice D'Alessio's exquisite poetry in A Blessing of Trees, I knew that her words also spoke from those tree spirits. I feel very honored to bring a little of my love of trees to add to her beautiful words.

~Sharon Auberle


About the Poems

Trees are one of life's great blessings – and we realize this most poignantly after they've been lost to us in a storm!

As I was growing up my family moved every two years and although I have little recollection of our houses, I remember most of the trees: the big maple in Maryland, the weeping willow in Delaware, which was wonderful to hide under. And the five large spruces that ringed our house on Long Island. I've always loved the variety and artistry of trees, the way they enrich our environment and enhance a landscape. They provide an unending source of wonder and inspiration for my poetry.

The poems in this exhibit are selected from my first book, A Blessing of Trees, which Norb Blei, of Cross+Roads Press, published in 2001. I am, as always, grateful for his support and encouragement. The book won the Posner Prize from the Council for Wisconsin writers for best Wisconsin poetry book in 2005,

The first printing was sold out within a few years. While deciding on a second printing, I was approached by Sharon Auberle to combine some of the poems with Sharon's magnificent photo artworks to create a multimedia exhibit. The art is so original and inspiring that it was an easy decision, and so "Praise the Undaunted" came to be. A small companion book is available.

~Alice D'Alessio

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